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War Whoop

Elsberry High School

"Mission: To engage and prepare every student for a successful lifetime of learning and service."

Our caps

The Friends of Elsberry Literacy organization believes that it is important for kids to read, to help their effort to purchase books for Elsberry School District students, they have signed up for the “Our Caps, Your Cause” fundraising campaign through Prairie Farms. It is simple to be involved, just purchase a gallon of Prairie Farms Milk and send the cap to school with a student, Karin Busiere, high school librarian will take care of the rest. She added, “The community is fantastic about supporting the school district and I hope this will be one more way they can assist with educating our children.” If children bring caps in by Feb. 10 there is a small incentive available.

Student of the Month

Elsberry High School’s January Student of the Month is Tyler Nelson-Cox, a member of

the senior class. Tyler is the son of Stacey Cox. Tyler’s favorite subjects are biology, school

publications, and English. Tyler is very active in FCCLA, Speech and Drama, and is the Editor

of the War Whoop. After Tyler graduates he plans to attend Saint Charles Community College

for two years and then transfer to a four-year university to major in Psychology and Human

Services and minor in Criminology.  Tyler enjoys hanging out with his friends and trying new

foods in his spare time. Tyler has also received two silver arrow awards and an academic letter

for his achievement in high school.


School Play

Mark your calendars for April 27, 28, and 29 for Elsberry High School’s annual play performance. “The Mysterious Mansion of Mr. Uno” will be this year’s production by students.This play is about six guests. Mr. Uno the man who owns the mansion ends up dead and characters begin dying and nobody knows who is doing it. This play is the spinoff of the movie and board game Clue. Mrs. Harman, English teacher, is directing the play along with student directors, Jordan Oliver and Sydney Pickard.


After voting for a week with food items and money, Tyler Collins was chosen by the student body as Mr. EHS. The crowing ceremony was held on Friday during advisory time. The entire Mr. EHS Pageant was a fundraiser designed to help NHS stock their shelves for their community service project known as Operation Backpack. The project sends food items home with students who need supplement nutritional items during the weekend.

Senior Spotlight

Name: Brandon King

Favorite Song: Broccoli

Favorite Movie: We’re the Millers

Favorite Junk Food: Doritos

Pet Peeve: When people lick their fingers

Favorite TV Show: Walking Dead

Personal Hero: Harambe

My Fellow Classmates Think: I’m short

The Best Person to Star in a Movie about Me is: Seth Rogan

I Would Have Given Anything to Have Met: Kobe Bryant


Name: Payton H. Johnston

Most Prized Possession: My Xbox One

Favorite Song: Apples in Reverse

Favorite Movie: Not Cool

Personal Hero: Joy Beradino

Favorite Book: Unbroken

The Best Person to Star in a Movie about Me Is: Brad Pitt

I Would Have Given Anything to Have Met: The Pope

Favorite Junk Food: Honey Buns

Best Feature: My mind

Future Plans: Move away from home


Name: Tim Richards

Most Prized Possession: My Car

Favorite Song: Down with the sickness by Disturbed

Dream Car: 1970 Dodge Charger

Favorite Movie: American Sniper

Favorite Junk Food: Doritos Cool Ranch

Favorite TV Show: The Walking Dead

Personal Hero: Chris Kyle

Favorite Book: The Eleventh Plague

Favorite Spot to Hang Out: The Bluffs

My Fellow Classmates Think: I’m Funny


Name: Cale Mackey

Favorite Song: P’s and Q’s

Dream Car: Audi R8

Favorite Movie: Step Brothers

Favorite Junk Food: Cheez-It’s

Favorite TV Show: Two and A Half Men

Proudest Accomplishment: Winning Districts, Baseball my Freshman Year

Personal Hero: Louie Lovelace

Future Plans: Major in Accounting and Minor in Statistics

Favorite Book: Summer Ball by Mike Lupica

Favorite Spot to Hang Out: Collins’ house


Name: Emma Henry

Most Prized Possession: My Trap Gun

Favorite Song: Redneck Woman

Favorite Junk Food: Chocolate

Pet Peeve: People acting stupid and thinking they’re funny and cute

Personal Hero: My pawpaw and Aunt Barbie

Best/Worst feature: My loud mouth

The Best Advice You Ever Received: Just Shut Up

My Fellow Classmates Think: I’m a hick

Best Words to describe me: Stubborn yet hilarious


Name: Donavan Guccione

Occupation: Farm aid

If You Could Be Anywhere in the World Where Would It Be: San Diego

Personal Hero: Papa G (dad)

Future Plans: To become a Marine Corps Engineer

Favorite Book: Enders Game

Pet Peeve: Fakes

Favorite Spot to Hang Out: The River

I Would Have Given Anything to Have Met: Adam Sandler

Best Words to Describe Me: Classy, but likes to party

The Best Person to Star in a Movie about Me Is: Ol’ Crazy Eyes


High School Calendar

High School Track Fund Raiser

Chuck a Duck




WHEN: FEBRUARY 13-14, 2017 during halftime of the girls and boys basketball games. 










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HS Renaissance

There was a record high, 95 students, who qualified for HS Renaissance for the second quarter. These students will enjoy a movie and lunch in the gym on Friday, Feb. 17. Those students were Jon Almus, Logan Anthony, Trevor Anthony, Fernando Aguilera, Anthony Bange, Hannah Barber, Taylor Barber, Stephen Boedeker, Philip Brickey, Kassy Brown, Annabelle Claussen, Jordan Cyr, Lane Conderman, Anna Dietrich, Olivia Dietrich, Gonzalo Domingo, Victoria Dove, Chasity Eaton, Lauryn Eberhart, Emma Edwards, Mina Folkerts, Danielle Georgie, Eva Gladney, Gabino Gonzalez, Rio Gonzalez, Donavan Guccione, Lydia Hanneken, Devin Hartley, Amy Hays, Clare Henry, Megan Henry, Matt Hensley, Lyman Heras, Amanda Hogarth, Will Hogarth, Douglas Horne, Josie Horne, Mandy Horne, Mackenzie Johnson, Payton H. Johnston, Cydney Jordan, CaraRose King, Hailey King, Madysen Kinsler, Harmon  Kreuger, Shane Lewis, Austin Like, Sasha Lisovsky, Kara Lovelace, Tylen Madian, Cale Mackey, Makinzy Maineri, Leora Marshall, Caylee Martin, Clayton Martin, Madi McClenning, Blayney McClenning, Meghan Moyer, Jessica Mueller, Lianna Neal, Tyler Nelson, Meghan O’Driscoll, Alyssa Ohmes, Jordan Oliver, Brianna Parham, Sydney Pickard, Logan Pratt, Mackenzie Pruitt,

Lance Reed, Nathan Reed, Jamie Richards, Jake Rimel, John Robinson, Justin Rohr, Jordan Simmons, Madison Steen, Anna St.Pierre, Nicholas Stone, Brittany Taubig, Derrick Taylor, Kody Thornhill, Rebecca Thornhill, Chelsea Toeniskoetter, Pablo Trucharte, Andrew Turnbull, Tyler Turnbull, Juan Valencia, Julia Vaughn, Sophia Vaughn, Sky Walkenhorst, Jack Weakly, Carolyn Wehmeyer, Jameson Wolanski, Megan Wollgast, and Faith Zimmermann.