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War Whoop

Elsberry High School

"Mission: To engage and prepare every student for a successful lifetime of learning and service."


FBLA Members attending were: Jon Haislip, Ashley Morgan, Taylor Burke, Jordan Oliver, Brittney Taubig, Emily Braden, Tyler Donovan, and Carson Trammell

On October 20th, the Elsberry FBLA chapter traveled to Culver-Stockton College in Canton for a business experience. The students were split up into groups with other schools from Missouri and Illinois to explore the topics of Sports Management, Education, Criminal

Justice, Business, Marketing, and Business law. The students enjoyed interactive sessions that included things like examining a crime scene, holding a trial in court, taste test comparisons of brands vs. generics, team building games, strategy games, and discussions on advertising and statistics. It was a very enjoyable day on a beautiful campus. The FBLA members were accompanied by their sponsor Judy Gomel.

Teacher Talk

Mrs. Head displays work that the students have done on a weekly basis for all to see.


  Everyone has a creative side, and high school art teacher, Natasha Head tries to bring that out in each and every student that she has in her classroom. Mrs. Head enters her third year here at Elsberry after replacing long time icon, Ken Peine in the art department. Classes that she teaches are Ceramics I, II, III, Art I, II, Sculpture I, II, Drawing and Painting I, II, and Advanced Art.

  In Ceramics students are currently working on slab hand building techniques.Constructing boxes and various surface decorating techniques using underglaze (slip trailing, sgraffito, and mishima). Sculpture students are carving plaster blocks to form abstract figures in motion. Drawing and Painting students are learning about photorealism and using grid technique to draw from photographs.  They are also using colored pencil techniques to “paint” their pictures. Art 1 is studying color theory and creating color scheme paintings.

Student of the Month


November Renaissance student of the month is Megan Henry. Megan is the daughter of Shane and Jodi Henry. Megan is a senior and her favorite subjects are math and science. She is involved in many things, such as FFA, National Honor Society, renaissance, softball, and cheerleading. When Megan has spare time she likes to spend time with friends and family. After graduation Megan plans to attend a four year college.

Senior Spotlight

Name: Megan Hensley

Occupation/Job: Subway

Most prized possession: My jewelry

Pet Peeve: Rude people

Proudest Accomplishment: The fact that I’m going to tech school to help start my career.

What is your lifelong dream? To be a nurse and have my own family

The best advice you ever received: Everything will be okay

What have you learned about life? It goes on

Words to describe me: Funny, nice, procrastinator

I would have given anything to have met: my grandparents

Favorite spot to hang out: My room


Name: Zack Rogalski

Most prized possession: My phone

Favorite song:” Heart of a graveyard”

Dream Car: Smart car

Favorite Movie: Ouija

Favorite Junk Food: ice cream

Favorite TV Show: A Haunting

What is your lifelong dream?: To visit Hellfire Castle

I would have given anything to have met: My grandma

Favorite Spot to hang out: The Park


Name: Natalie Harris

Most Prized possession: My animals

If you could be anywhere in the world where would it be?: Colorado

Favorite movie: Step Brothers

Pet Peeve: Chewing loudly

Favorite TV Show: Pit Bulls & Parolees

What have you learned about life?: Life’s not easy it never will be but just never give up

My Fellow Classmates Think: I’m very blunt and outgoing

I would have given anything to have met: Wiz Khalifa

Dream Car: Porsche

Best/Worst Feature: The best feature is my smile and the worst is my patience.


Name: Jordan Donnelly

Most Prized possession: My phone

If you could be anywhere in the world right now where would it be?: The beach

Favorite Junk Food: Pizza

Favorite TV Show: Chrisley Knows Best

Personal Hero: My mom

Future Plans: To own my own business

Dream Car: Dodge Charger

Pet Peeve: people constantly bugging others

Favorite spot to hang out: Riverfront in St. Charles


Name: Jessica Mueller

Favorite song: “The drug in me is you”

Favorite movie: Practical Magic

Pet Peeve: Loud sounds

Personal Hero: My grandpa Howard

What is your lifelong dream?: To become a doctor or Veterinarian

What have you learned about life?: Hardly any person is what you expect.

Favorite Book: Wicked appetite

The best person to star in a movie about me is: Demi Lovato

Best words to describe me: Shy and dependable

Favorite spot to hang out: The River


Name: Justin O’Brien

Occupation/Job: Overlook Farms

Most prized possession: Bottle opener belt buckle

Favorite movie: Book of Eli

Favorite TV Show: Swamp People

What is your lifelong dream?: Win the lottery and become a beach bum

The Best person to star in a movie about me: John Cena

I would have given anything to have met: My grandpa

Favorite Spot to hang out: Tyler Collins’ house

Best word to describe me: Redneck

Worst feature: Laziness

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